Part 5 of a small collection of watercolour paintings. These are mainly landscapes all taken from photographs. There's just not enough hours in the day to visit all these places! Mainly painted around 1996 - 98.
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Situated on the Yorkshire coast, Robin Hood's Bay is a small village clinging to the cliffs. The village used to be a haven for smugglers.
I don't know if any smuggling goes on now!

A painting on cartridge paper of (I believe...) a trawler from Fowey
Inspired by a photograph in a Greenpeace book.

Shamelessly copied from a David Bellamy art book!
Snow covered mountains in the Highlands of Scotland. Actually painted in the middle of a blizzard in Aberdeen. (OK, so I was nice and warm inside a B&B at the time!)

Again, shamelessly inspired by a David Bellamy art book. This cottage is in a Welsh mountain pass. Painted the same night as the Highland painting above.

A painting of West Burton waterfall in the Yorkshire Dales. I think that this was from a photograph in a Mike Harding book. Then again it could have been a Wainwright book, it was so long ago and my mind is starting to go!

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Watercolour Gallery (2) old places - castles, stone circles.
Watercolour Gallery (3) beaches, canals & seascapes.
Watercolour Gallery (4) birds and animals.
Watercolour Gallery (5) miscellaneous landscapes.

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